Post-bariatric Surgery
This procedure is applied on individuals with obesity who could not lose weight although they have done diets.

Obesity has become a serious problem in our country and in all over the world. According to studies, the number of obese people is much higher than the people suffering from starvation. Post-bariatric Surgery is successfully performed in the Obesity Institute of Nişantaşı Hospital. This procedure is applied on individuals with obesity who could not lose weight although they have done diets.

Within the context of post-bariatric surgery, gastric band, sleeve gastrectomy or gastric balloon procedures are performed. By this means, patients lose weight very quickly. At the same time, all measures against side effects are also taken for the patients who are under the control of specialized physicians in terms of metabolism. After bariatric surgery, there might be undesirable sagging of the skin due to the fast weight loss. In such cases, combination of operations can also be performed to fix this problem. As solid foods cannot be consumed for a while after bariatric surgery, a requirement for medical treatment also arises. During this period, a healthy and balanced diet is very important for the recovery. In our Obesity Institute, patients are recommended to wait until the end of first year after the gastric operation to be able to have post-bariatric surgery. This period can be very long for certain patients. Therefore, recommendations of experts should be taken into account in order to have a healthy body. After this procedure, there might be sagging of the skin. At the post-operational period when deformities frequently occur, sagging could increase at the arm and back. Thanks to these procedures which are applied in one or more sessions according to the general conditions and physical examination of the patient, patients can have a more decent body.

This operation is performed through incisions at abdomen, waist and hip regions. If there are sagging and volume lost at the hips, a structure prepared with the own fat tissue of the patient can be injected under the lifted area in order to recover this situation. Afterwards, a procedure similar to abdominal lifting against excess sagging is performed. Patients are reminded to use corsets after the procedure. The hospitalization period is generally 2 days and after that the recovery starts.


To whom to apply post-bariatric surgery

This procedure is a surgical operation performed to eliminate the sagging and deformities of the body which arise after obese people with a BMI index exceeding certain levels lose weight.

Would I have marks left on my body after post-bariatric surgery?

There would be of course some marks left on the body if lifting has been done at arm, abdomen, hip, outer side of the legs and breasts after the post-bariatric surgery. However, these marks will disappear within 6 months.

When can I go back to my normal life after post-bariatric surgery?

Patients can go back to their normal lives within 7-10 days after post-bariatric surgery.

IS post-bariatric surgery painful?

Post-bariatric surgery is generally not painful. Thanks to painkillers, the pain is so low that the patients would not even feel.


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