Obesity Treatment for Children
There are some precautions to take for maintaining the healthy weight of your child or for preventing putting on more weight if your child is overweight.

These include:

• Bring your child at least once every year to a physician for control. During your visit, the physician will measure the weight and height of your child and calculate the body mass index. The fact that the BMI of the child has increased during the passed year and the child is above 4 years of age shows that there is a risk for being obese.

• Be a good example for your child. Try to maintain your weight by consuming healthy foods and exercising regularly and make sure that your child is acting in the same way.

• Avoid using food as an award or punishment.

• Emphasize the positive effects of healthy foods. Encourage the child by emphasizing the benefits of healthy foods, fruits and vegetables for the body and effects of sport activities and playing outside. Tell them that exercise and sport activities strengthen the heart, lungs and other muscles.

• Be patient. Weight and height balance of many overweight children becomes better as they grow and their height increases. Therefore, it is recommended to be patient until the children grow and their height increases. Going on about their nutritional habits and weight a lot might cause opposition. The child might start eating more and nutritional problems may arise.

• Concentrate on your own weight too. Obesity is generally seen in a few members of a family. When you try to lose weight, your child will also be encouraged. Do not expect your child to do something that you do not want to do.




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