Lifelong Obesity Management

What is Lifelong Obesity Management?

There have been many researches on obesity management for many years. Now, rather than focusing on weight loss, more studies are performed to maintain the weight.

The important thing is to maintain the weight.

It has been found that physical activity is important not only in achieving weight loss, but also in maintaining the weight lost..

The aim in obesity treatment and management should not be just weight loss. Along with the weight loss, health promotion and the reduction of health risks are also very important. It is necessary to focus on weight management. Depending on the grade and type of obesity, it is much better to achieve weight loss at various levels according to the age of the person and life style than to reach the weight loss goal, which is almost impossible, in unhealthy conditions.
Moderate weight loss and maintainance of it is a more successful situation than losing weight and gaining it again quickly.

As Nişantaşı Obesity Institute, we are providing life-long obesity management for you. We will also be together with you, our esteemed patients, for a lifetime after your treatment.



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