I’m obese. What should I do?

‘’You must first know that your excess weights are not your fate, and that you must get rid of these excess pounds and know that you are able to get rid of them.’’

If your Body Mass Index is above 30kg/m2, you should definitely seek medical care. As we mentioned before, you should know the medical problems caused by obesity and you should get rid of your excess weight in a very good motive manner. The steps you should follow are as follows.

1- First of all, you are recommended to apply if there is a specialized center. In obesity centers; Endocrinologist, Obesity Surgeon, Dietitian, Psychologist, Cardiologist, Chest Disease Specialist and Plastic Surgeon, who are specialized in obesity treatment, prevention of obesity and obesity related disorders, should definitely be found.

Possible endocrinological reasons of obesity should be investigated in all obese patients, although those causes are less than 1%. The most common of those reasons are hypothyroidism due to poor functioning of thyroid hormones and Cushing's disease resulting from excessive cortisol production by the adrenal glands leading to central obesity. Thyroid functions can be evaluated with a simple blood test. The high level of TSH indicates Hypothyroidism. In Cushing's disease, after a low-dose cortisol drug at night will be diagnostic for the level of cortisol with the blood you will give at 8 am in the morning.

2- Especially, individuals who gain in weight too much in the short term, some psychological problems, particularly major depression, can be the cause of obesity. Eating can simply turn into a psychological defense mechanism. In other words, eating is the outward appearance of the present emotional state of these patients. In this case, psychological support should be provided. Even if it is long and troublesome, it can be treated.


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